PCC Prayer Ministry

Welcome to the PCC Prayer Ministry

One ministry that is on call daily within our church family is the Prayer Ministry.


The purpose of this ministry is to faithfully lift up in prayer specific needs of members, friends, and their families in our community of faith. One way we do that is by emailing prayer requests to the Email Prayer Team, who then pray for each request.

Who is the Email Prayer Team?

The Email Prayer Team is made up of the pastoral leadership, elders, and a group of prayer warriors within our congregation. This team is committed to pray confidentially for each request they receive by email. Prayer warriors do not pray together over the requests. Instead, they meet with God in solitude to pray. To help keep the intended purpose of this ministry intact, emails are sent "blind carbon copy." 

How Does This Work?

Prayer requests can be made by members and friends of PCC. To request prayer for a need, send an email to prayer@pc-church.org.

Your prayer request will be reviewed by the Prayer Team Facilitator and edited, if necessary, for clarity. It will then be emailed to the Prayer Team. Prayer requests are checked daily. Periodic updates are welcome.

What Do I Include in a Prayer Request?

  • Simply and concisely state your prayer need. 
  • Include your first and last name. Your name will be included in the request, but your email address will not.
  • Is this request for you or an immediate family member? If not, do you have the person's permission to send this request?
  • Do not include highly confidential information. Highly confidential prayer requests may be directed to the Senior Pastor and elders.

How Long Does the Prayer Team Pray for the Request?

The prayer warriors pray as the Lord leads them and until they feel that He has released them from praying for that need.